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GODI - the Gang Of Disruptive Ideas - is an expandable place, community, collaboration, a gathering that connects people. We build and create spaces where new ideas flourish. In a world with gigantic global challenges, we have a box full of ideas, tools, and inspiration to help you be part of the change that is needed. We believe in a kinder and more inclusive future and wants to work and collaborate with people and brands accordingly. 

Let’s talk and figure out what we can do together!

In this podcast we will play with the idea of success, having a meaningful life.
Isabelle McAllister will talk to different people who have made their own ways. Some may have started thru a classical path but for different reasons deviated along the way. Others may have had more ‘alternative’ lifestyles from the start.
Even though a lot of people feel that the system is broken, 
changing is not something that is easily done…but it doesn’t mean it’s undoable. Hopefully together we can come up with new, fun and sustainable ideas for a better future.

Listen to the podcast where Isabelle McAllister meet cool cats with hopeful ideas! 


A scholarship for women in the Swedish construction sector

The diversity checklist

A tool to check if your script or project is as diverse as you think.
Coming soon!

You can't be what you can't see

Meet Ups

We will meet IRL & online. The next gathering will be posted here.
Stay tuned!

meet ups
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Friends, people, ideas and projects we love

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