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We are facing enormous global challenges where we believe in a new sustainable way of doing things, being part of the solution and therefore want to work with people and brands accordingly. 

How we think and act when it comes to how we live, act and work is set in an old form of beliefs and it’s not holding up to what the world and us humans really needs. 


Isabelle and her team want to connect people to create a positive future by spreading ideas & change thru being as honest as possible with what they do and with the facts about what’s happening around the world today.


I've been running companies for 23 years,
that accumulated
knowledge, my learnings & failures are now something I'm trying to pass on. Maybe you have an idea you want to brainstorm or you just want to hear your thoughts bouncing back with some feedback. It can also be a proper setup on how to launch your business or how to take the next step. Get in contact for a list of variations we can work on and a price quote.  

What does it even mean? Well,  I join companies for projects when they need some tweaking. I'll bring another pair of eyes, brains, ideas or simply some new energy. It can be the development team at Ikea asking to look at their products and where to go in the future. Or a company as Plantagen needing feedback on how to work with their images & campaigns. It has also been a collaboration with companies as Blocket & Granit creating with color.




Since I worked in front of the camera as well as behind, with total control of whole campaigns as well as consumer trends forecasts - gives me good and a pretty all-around understanding of what your company may be facing & needing. Sustainability, making magic with what you already got and humor are my best tools.

Isabelle McAllister is happy to talk about modern technology, creative processes and how you best use them, about the sustainable home and tomorrow's creators. She is an established and beloved inspirator back home in Sweden with a humble and curious approach to her own arena. Color, design, technology and worldwide analysis are all areas she knows better than most, but her strength as a speaker is foremost about presence and passion.

I like hearing
my own voice

Isabellestipendiet riktar sig till kvinnor som arbetar inom byggbranschen − och vill utvecklas inom den. Med stipendiet vill vi uppmuntra fler kvinnor att utbilda sig till hantverkare och lyfta de som redan är yrkesverksamma. Eftersom byggbranschen är starkt mansdominerad tror vi att kvinnliga förebilder kan leda till en mer jämlik bransch, som i sin tur höjer kompetensen och gynnar arbetsklimatet.
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Scholarship for women in the Swedish construction sectior, Founded by Isabelle in 2011.



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20 years of creating content with moving images.