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Isabelle McAllister is happy to talk about how modern technology changes our way we act, about creative processes and how you get the best out of them, about the sustainable home and about tomorrow's creators. She is an established and beloved inspirator with a humble and curious approach to her own arena. Isabelle is a polymath that knows the trends, colors, rumors, tech, currents affairs and connect it all into an interesting mix, but her strength as a speaker is also all about presence and passion. For Isabelle, interior design and trends are not primarily about the color of the year or the possibilities of the future, but about the people in the room. 


some exampels

Technology, trends and their users - when the impossible becomes new opportunities

Twitter selects the president; the 3D printer makes antibiotics and you eat a meatless burger that looks and tastes as the original but was made in a lab. Today's technology development is fast and opens up opportunities that we could hardly imagine ten years ago. In order to be open to all changes, and to meet the customers' new needs, almost all companies need to be both flexible and creative. But how? Which businesses are doing well and why? What are the fun concepts to be inspired and learned from? What are the trends in the world, and what is it about in the research departments right now? This is a trend talk with an inspirational and enlightening take on modern everyday technology and those who makes everything possible; The Users.


Together we will make an assessment of what you want to achieve and how we can modify the talk to suit your company or event. I have been doing intimate talks with only a few people have been on stage in front of thousands of people. I love to do both and the talks can be adapted to size and environment. It is also possible to hire me as a facilitator or host on stage. We can also create workshops around the various topics.

Gender equality, #metoo, - a talk about consent.
How are we affected by the media when we grow up? By the norms and images that show how we are expected to be both a guy and a girl. Why is what we say important to each other, what are the values ​​that are put into different words, and how does the language reflect what we know, act and what we value in the end. #metoo came as a wave but why and what does it mean now. What is consent and how can we talk about it. What happens when children come into contact with online porn because they do. My lectures are based on patriarchal structures, the media's influence and talk about privileges to talk about gender equality, consent, #metoo and porn. I have talked to children in schools from year 6 and up but also before and with parents. It's some of the most rewarding conversations I've had, love having these discussions with kids. And totally necessary to have it with the parents.

Home, sweet sustainable home! - about future of living and contemporary challenges

Solar-powered residential areas, skyscrapers in wood and artificial forests, the nomadic office and intelligent houses – what are the trends for modern housing and future workplaces? And how do we relate to a world where climate change, digital development and urbanization are rushing at almost the same rate? The physical design of modern society affects all of us and changes our lives, how we live and work. In this lecture we take a peek into the sustainable home of the future.  Get inspired by architectural and interior trends from all over the world and learn more about what to expect - and what is happening right now!




- a trend talk about social media. 

In a time when everybody is a brand and brands need to be personal, content media has transitioned from traditional old school media and changed during the Social Media era. Isabelle McAllister has worked thru them all. Contentagious is a talk about her journey but also what companies are doing or not doing right. It’s all about how to tell your story, make your content - contagious and who to engage with. We will be looking at trends from around the world and searching for some of the key aspect to build your brand online today.

Kind Words

"During our Cornucopia talk this week we were mesmerized, entertained, a bit shocked and enlightened by one of our guest speakers, Isabelle McAllister. Isabelle is a YouTube influencer, design expert, branding expert, TV show host, podcaster and a bunch of other things. Isabelle gave a talk on “Contentagious” on how social media has evolved and how we can apply it today. But this just wasn’t about Facebook and Instagram.

Remarkably she wove through her talk topics on eating dogs, vagina fresheners, women’s rights, the patriarch and menstruation. This is the mind of a polymath. And it all made incredible sense as we saw how her mind integrated these different themes into her work and passion.

Without The Bridge we may not have had the chance to discover this fascinating individual and have her share her story with the community. We were all very lucky to see her talk.

This is what we continue to find here: diamonds in the rough. Everyone has a story or talent or skill or nugget of information. 
We can’t wait for the next talk."

- Chris Thompson, The Bridge @greenschool Bali

“Isabelle was a fantastic booking for our event, she added energy, knowledge and analysis in a way that our guests really appreciated. She was also extremely funny and easy to deal with. Solution-oriented and pleasant. I can really recommend her to your event. Some of our guests said this as to what was the highlight of our conference;

• Isabelle's talk inspired how to use and be extran connected to our content.

• The talk by Isabelle McAllister was inspiring and full of energy!
• Isabelle McAllister, so inspirational and overall – an inspiring person!


- Tomas Stålmarck, event manager Allerdagarna

“Isabelle inspires in so many well-decorated and crazy levels. She gets each and every one to dare to do things both with colors and design but especially, I would say, life in general.  She is a living proof that you are in charge of your life!  Isabelle is always well connected and filled with facts about the present and future trends. ”

- Pehr Hante, formerly responsible Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt Stockholm & Gothenburg

“Our open house with Isabelle McAllister was truly magical. Joy, anticipation and last but not least a fantastic customer-friendly talk by Isabelle. Incredibly inspiring and fun! ”
- Anna Hultman, CEO of Happy Homes Skellefteå

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