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For over 20 years I have run companies with different kind of goals in mind. Of course, I have set out wanting to be able to live from the business I’ve made but I have mostly put a strong value in time, freedom, fun & sustainability. Time to take all school holidays off to be with my kids or to be able to move to Bali for a year or two. Fun & purposeful projects are prioritized instead of just being lucrative, and this has become pretty successful in the end. I have chosen projects that inspires to use what we already have rather than making new products since I don’t believe we need more stuff. For me a strong point has been made to protect, choose and influence my clients to work sustainable, with recycling or ecological materials, and to think about how they contribute to diversity. Through my scholarship, I have also been able to lift the macho culture, hopefully in that way be able to somewhat change the construction industry in Sweden. Basically my work and private life is pretty intertwined, not that both is present all the time but more in the way that the goal is to give me, as person, the possibility to live a sustainable life in full. This also tend to give a necessary ripple effect to people, things & the community around me.

Selected privious clients
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Norstedts 2021
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Bonnier Fakta 2014

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Pressbilder ur boken Skavank
Foto: Pia Ulin
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Pressbilder - Foto: Mira Wickman - fria att använda, namge fotograf tack.  Ladda ner grupp här


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